Arqua Station

Connect the Arqua fountain and refill pole to create a water station.

Connect the Arqua fountain and refill pole to create a water station.


Choose eletropolished stainless 316 for best performance by the sea.


Promote 'refill, not landfill'.

at a glance

  • Price Range: $2000 - $3000
  • Maintenance Level: Easy – Medium
  • DDA-compliant: Yes

Spare parts are readily available.



Choose an option per category to specify your product.

Fountain Type
• DF7 & DF4-STD
• DF7 & DF4-DB (with dog bubbler)

Drinking Water
• Tap
• Filtered

Subsurface polycrete pit with metal cover plate in hard anodised finish.

Fountain DF4
Fabricated Aluminium Powder Coated**
**Refer to Colour Chart

Spout and Button
Marine Grade Stainless 316 Bright Polished

Pole DF7
Aluminium Pipe Powder Coated**
**Refer to Colour Chart

Fabricated Aluminium Bright Polished

Arqua products have a maximum working pressure of 6 bar (87 psi/ 0.6MPa). Customer or installer to check pressure and install pressure relief valve on supply side as required.

Tailored options are available for all Street Furniture products. Additional fees and lead times may apply.

related projects

Darling Harbour

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) had a number of Arqua Stations installed at Darling Quarter in Darling Harbour, as part of a strategy to implement a bottle-free environment. As well as protecting the marine eco-system by reducing the amount of waste, SHFA aims to better accommodate the tourist industry by providing fresh drinking water. A number of Monsoon Bins were also purchased for the Darling Quarter redevelopment.

  • 4 feb 2015
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Circular Quay

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority purchased a number of Street Furniture Australia’s stylish and iconic Arqua Stations and installed them at various locations at Sydney’s historic Rocks precinct. A special order stainless steel station was installed along the foreshore of Circular Quay East. The Arqua Station is a complete system to provide fresh tap or filtered water to public spaces.

  • 4 feb 2015
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Annandale Village Shops

Leichhardt City Council developed plans for the improvement of Annandale village shops, located on Johnston and Booth Streets. As part of funding allocated to original street art, then Mayor Jamie Parker proposed a water fountain artwork. Artist Sarah Muggeridge was awarded the $15,000 commission to create a mosaic art piece from the Street Furniture Australia Arqua Station. The result is a colourful, intricate design that brightens the streetscape and reflects the spirit of the local community.

  • 19 mar 2015
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