Traditional Bollard

This best-selling bollard offers simplicity and timeless appeal.

This best-selling bollard offers simplicity and timeless appeal.

mounting options

Available as fixed or removable.

at a glance

    • Price Range: Less than $500
    • Maintenance Level: Easy – Medium

Spare parts are readily available.



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Dimensions (mm)
250W x 250D x 940H

Cast Aluminium Powder Coated**
**Refer to Colour Chart


• Surface
• Subsurface

Tailored options are available for all Street Furniture products. Additional fees and lead times may apply.

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Darling Island Wharf

Darling Island Wharf is a picturesque waterfront location on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour, with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline. A popular destination for tourists and residents, the wharf has been elegantly furnished with Classic Galleria Seats and Traditional Bollards, in keeping with the traditional style of the historic waterfront. Plato Bins have also been installed to keep the wharf (and the harbour) clean and tidy.

  • 19 mar 2015
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Pyrmont Urban Parks

In 2006, Street Furniture Australia supplied a range of outdoor furniture to transform Union Square, a pedestrian thoroughfare between Pyrmont and Harris Streets. Classic Galleria Seats, Classic Galleria Benches and Classic Galleria Seats with Semi Hoops provide ample seating space for locals and passersby to take a break and appreciate the historic square. Traditional Bollards help to create a secure pathway for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • 19 mar 2015
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Fairfield Town Centre

Fairfield City Council upgraded Spencer Street in 2006, as part of the Fairfield Town Centre Improvement Program. The re-opened street featured high quality granite paving, stone-cut artwork, improved lighting,  landscaping and new street furniture. Street Furniture Australia supplied a number of Concourse 3-seaters and Frame Bin Enclosures to Spencer Street, which offer a sophisticated finish to the streetscape and welcome more shoppers to the area.

  • 8 dec 2014
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