King St Rockdale NSW, Australia (2009)

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Victory Memorial Gardens

In the heart of Wagga Wagga, the historic Victory Memorial Gardens are set on two hectares of land and offer a central meeting place for the city. Wagga Wagga Council have chosen the comfortable and timeless Mall range to upgrade their existing outdoor furniture. A number of Mall Settings and Mall Seats have been placed throughout the gardens, providing a place to gather with family or simply ponder the history of the park. Also, Rim Bins have been added to provide an efficient litter solution for visitors.

  • 13 mar 2015
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Mary O’Brien Reserve

Mary O’Brien Reserve has been expanded and upgraded by the City of Sydney, offering residents of Zetland and neighbouring suburbs a multi-purpose space for families and residents to enjoy. Classic Plaza Settings (dda-compliant) were included in the new design to accommodate all users, whether there to enjoy a picnic or simply catch up with friends. Classic Plaza Seats surround two new playgrounds, for parents and carers to relax on while their children play.

  • 19 mar 2015
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Camberwell Laneways

Wave benches, designed by Oculus, breathe new life into Camberwell Laneways. When the Boroondara Council looked at the dull, service-only laneways in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell, it saw an opportunity to reflect the character of a community. What it ended up with had even greater potential: a blueprint for laneways that could revitalise the wider municipality. “There is a lack of public seating in the area, so we engaged Street Furniture Australia.” An initial trial took place in Market Lane, a thoroughfare leading from Burke Road to a car park, which hosts the Camberwell Fresh Food Market from Tuesday to Saturday each week. “It started as a thoroughfare where traders and the Rotary Club wanted to do something to liven it up and make it more useful “ says Boroondara …

  • 12 jan 2015
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